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Liebherr CNef3115 260 Litre Freestanding Fridge Freezer 5050 Split Frost Free 60cm Wide Stainless Steel


NoFrostThe NoFrost system from Liebherr provides rapid fan-assisted frost-free freezing for the safe longterm storage of food.

stainless steel
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NoFrostThe NoFrost system from Liebherr provides rapid fan-assisted frost-free freezing for the safe longterm storage of food. The NoFrost technology creates a much larger storage capacity and keeps the freezer constantly frost-free. DuoCoolingAccurate and independent temperature control of the refrigerator compartment and freezer compartment of combined fridge-freezers is achieved through DuoCooling with two completely separate cooling circuits. And there is no air exchange between the refrigerator and freezer compartment. This prevents odour transfer and stops the stored food from drying out. PowerCooling SystemThe high-performance PowerCooling system rapidly cools down freshly stored food and creates an even cooling temperature throughout the interior. A door contact switch turns the fan off when the door is opened.This saves valuable energy. SuperCoolThe automatic SuperCool function lowers the refrigerator temperature down to as far as +2 °C for as long as 12 hours - ideal for rapidly cooling freshly stored food. Door AlarmThe audible door alarm alerts the user if the door has been open for longer than 60 seconds for safe protection of the food. FrostControlIn the event of a power failure the FrostControl display indicates the warmest temperature that was reached in the freezer compartment.This helps to assess the quality and projected storage life of the frozen goods that were affected bythe power failure. Child lockThe child lock is programmed so as to prevent the appliance being inadvertently switched off.A symbol in the MagicEye indicates when the child lock is switched on. FrostSafeWith the FrostSafe the extra-high and removable drawers are closed all round. This means that the cold cannot dissipate so quickly when the appliance is opened. The transparent front of the compartments guarantees an optimum overview of the frozen items. VarioSpaceFreezer drawers and toughened glass shelves can be removed. VarioSpace – the practical storage solution for larger items. Transparent Vegetable BinsTransparent vegetable bins provide plenty of space for the organised storage of fruit and vegetables. In addition they are easy to clean. Slimline Door Handle With Integrated Opening MechanismThe practical door handles with integrated opening mechanism ensure that the appliance doors can be opened with a minimum of effort. This is the case even if they are opened several times in rapid succession thanks to the handle mechanism that assists in pushing the door from the appliance housing. Reversible Door HingesThe appliances are factory fitted with door hinges on the right. The reversible door hinges permit optimum use of the appliance wherever it is located. SmartDeviceLiebherr appliances labelled with a "SmartDevice" logo can be networked to the SmartDeviceBox which allows the appliance to access further services and be controlled remotely from a computer or mobile device. The SmartDeviceBox is available as an accessory. However appliances with the letter i in their model name (for example Kbi 4350) already have the SmartDeviceBox integrated as standard. Key Features . A++ Energy efficiency rating (222 kWh/year)173/87 L usable fridge/freezer capacityNoFrost frost free system in the freezerDuoCooling - each compartment maintained seperately to prevent odour transfer and fresh food from drying outPowerCool SuperCool and; SuperFrost in fridge and freezer to rapidly chill or freeze newly added itemsAudible and; visual malfunction warning signalFrostControl - displays the wamest temp should the power go outChild lockFrostSafe - fully enclosed drawers mean less cold lost when door is opened transparent frontsVarioSpace - drawers and intervening shelves can be removed to make space for larger items. .

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