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Haier HSR3918FIMP American Fridge Freezer in Silver 1 77m Plumbed I W

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. Haier's highly practical two-door American-style fridge-freezers each contain Haier’s game-changing Fresher Tech® cooling technologies. These revolutionary innovations manage and regulate the interior compartments of yHaier's refrigerator to ensure conditions are always optimal in each area of the refrigerator so yHaier's food stays fresher for longer. These impressive XXL capacity refrigerators (up to 521 litres) integrate Haier's knowledge of how to create usable products through precision engineering. This means they not only take care of yHaier's groceries but they’re also easy to use and durable. The result is an energy-efficient refrigerator capable of adapting to fit any family’s needs.Haier's highly innovative Total No Frost technology cleverly prevents the formation of frost in yHaier's fridge-freezer. A special ‘Fresher Shield' prevents warm air from entering yHaier's freezer during the continuous automatic defrosting process protecting yHaier's frozen foods and preventing unnecessary energy loss. Now you'll never have to defrost yHaier's freezer again. Maintaining yHaier's fridge-freezer has never been so easy!Super energy efficient A+/F Energy RatingSleek design integrated long handleEvery time you open the door it easily stops and stays at 90°(unless you further open it). It’s more convenient to use no need to keep the door open using one hand when you take food from yHaier's refrigerator.Super cool function to quick cool yHaier's groceries at the touch of a button. Key Features . Total No FrostE Class energy (A++)Integrated long handle90°Auto-stopping hingeSuper coolSuper freezerPlumbed water and ice disenser through doorMulti Air Flow. .

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