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Sage BES875BKS Barista Express Coffee Machine Black


MODEL | BES875BKS The Barista Express Third Wave Specialty Coffee, without the barista.

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MODEL | BES875BKS   The Barista Express Third Wave Specialty Coffee, without the barista.
  A manual espresso machine, offering hands-on prepping for your personal touches. The Barista Express™ allows you to grind the beans right before extraction, and its interchangeable filters and a choice of automatic or manual operation ensures authentic speciality coffee results in no time at all.
The Barista Express™ has a built-in dosing and grinding, designed to grind the beans right before the extraction process.  The analogue pressure gauge gives you ultimate control of forming the aromatic and volatile crema. Manually tamp with the integrated magnetic tamper.
The Barista Express ™ has PID temperature control, maintaining the water temperature within +/- 1 °C. Assuring the nuanced flavour notes of the bean perfectly balanced. The steam wand textures the milk to a velvety mouthfeel.
Creating silky micro-foam capable of composing latte art.
Create great tasting barista-style coffee – from bean to espresso – in less than a minute.

* 250g on board grinder makes up to 25 cups * Precise espresso extraction with temperature control, within -/+ 1 degree * Micro-foam milk texturing * 18 adjustable grind settings & dosage control * Hands-free grinding operation   Integrated conical burr grinder grinds on-demand to deliver the right amount of freshly ground coffee directly into the portafilter for your preferred taste with any roast of bean.
Digital Temperature Control (PID) delivers water at the right temperature +/ - 1°c, ensuring optimal espresso extraction.
Low pressure pre-infusion gradually increases pressure at the start and helps ensure all the flavours are drawn out evenly during the extraction for a balanced tasting cup.
The steam wand performs at the level that allows you to hand texture micro-foam milk that enhances flavour and enables creation of latte art.

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