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BEKO Slim American Style Fridge Freezer Select CFMD7852X Stainless Steel Stainless Steel


With the exclusive Beko CFMD7852X Fridge Freezer you'll enjoy large and versatile storage for all kinds of food, with high-performance features and a stylish stainless steel finish.


  • Frost free
  • Multi-temperature zone
  • 185 x 74 x 77 cm (H x W x D)
  • Water dispenser (no plumbing required)

Sorry, this product is not longer available.

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Product Features

  • Fridge: 264 litres / Freezer: 198 litres
  • 185 x 74 x 77 cm (H x W x D)
  • Frost free
  • Water dispenser (no plumbing required)
  • Multi-temperature zone

Product Details

With the exclusive Beko CFMD7852X Fridge Freezer you'll enjoy large and versatile storage for all kinds of food, with high-performance features and a stylish stainless steel finish.

Our experts love the Multi-Zone feature that brings unrivalled flexibility to your kitchen, ideal for when you need extra cooling or freezer space. By simply pressing a button on the digital display, the top drawer can be used as either a fridge, freezer, chiller or wine cooler. Complete flexibility, based on your storage needs.

Food, glorious food

There are three individual compartments for you to store different food types in the best-possible conditions.

Keep fresh groceries in the 264-litre fridge compartment, with three safety glass shelves to support all your containers and other goods. These are adjustable to accommodate items of different heights – plus there are three door compartments for bottles, jars and more. Store eggs safely in the egg rack, while a wine rack keeps your whites, rosés and champagnes neat and perfectly chilled.

The middle drawer is a multi-zone compartment which can be activated with the touch of a button on the control panel. It can act as either a fridge or freezer, making it the ideal solution when you need more space.

Store more frozen food in the CFMD7852X with its 198-litre freezer compartment. This houses two drawers to accommodate all your meat, desserts, vegetables and more. There's an ice cube tray to help you keep those drinks chilled.

Cooler functions for your convenience

The Beko CFMD7852X Fridge Freezer the sophisticated Active Fresh Blue Light, which allows photosynthesis to continue in the fridge so that fruit and vegetables stay tastier and fresher for longer.

Its NeoFrost technology employs twin cooling fans and evaporators to maintain high fridge humidity levels for improved fruit and vegetable freshness. Odour transfer between the fridge and freezer is also prevented with the odour filter.

Harmful bacteria in the fridge are neutralised by the ioniser, which keeps the air clean for prolonged food storage.

Super chilling – with no frost

You'll be able to respectively chill and freeze new groceries faster and more effectively with the Beko CFMD7852X , which incorporates both fast chill and fast freeze functions. These help protect items you already have stored in the appliance when you're loading in from a shopping trip, and they lock in the goodness for fresher eating.

Auto-defrost and frost-free technology in the fridge and freezer prevent the build-up of ice crystals so that you won't have to endure the hassle and mess of manually defrosting the fridge again.

Take control in the kitchen

You'll be able to enjoy a lovely chilled glass of water when you want it thanks to the non-plumbed water dispenser - just top up the internal tank and allow the fridge to dispense a cold beverage when you really need one.

Smoothly control your Beko CFMD7852X Fridge Freezer using its advanced electronic touch controls and LED display. You won't have to open the doors to make adjustments, saving time and energy. The display keeps you informed about temperature information, the fast freeze and quick cool functions, and whether holiday mode is operating.

If you accidentally leave the fridge or freezer door open, an audible warning will sound to alert you - another great energy-saving, food-preserving feature.

The Beko CFMD7852X Fridge Freezer has the space and convenience features to give you options when it comes to storing your food.

Use in outbuildings:
Beko's Freezer Guard technology uses an electronic temperature control system ensuring the freezer carries on working even when ambient temperatures plummet as low as -15ºC.