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Wharfedale DS2 Wireless speaker Pair in White


Wharfedale DS-2 Wireless speaker (pair) in White The Wharfedale DS-2 reconstructs the original DS-1 concept with an all-new design, delivering even better sound-per-pound performance.

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Wharfedale DS-2 Wireless speaker (pair) in White
The Wharfedale DS-2  reconstructs the original DS-1 concept with an all-new design, delivering even better sound-per-pound performance. In contrast to most Bluetooth speakers, the DS-2 is a pair of proper two-way hi-fi speakers shrunk to desktop size, standing just 190mm high, 120mm wide and 140mm deep.

With Wharfedale's powerful pedigree it's  no surprise that each DS-2 contains two high-performance drivers: a 19mm silk dome tweeter and a 75mm mid/bass driver. The mid/bass driver’s cone is fashioned from woven polypropylene, chosen for its ideal combination of lightness, strength and low coloration. Both drive units are protected by specially designed metal grilles, while a rear-firing port augments low-frequency performance to provide bass that’s surprisingly deep and punchy for the speakers’ size. Inside the master speaker nestles new-generation, high-performance digital amplification outputting 2x15W continuous and 2x30W peak. This drives the treble and mid/bass units via a high-quality crossover network containing select audio-grade components – superior to the cheap, single-component crossovers used by many compact speakers.

Wharfedale's dinky desktop divas the DS-2's Bluetooth speaker system delivers hi-fi sound in miniaturised form - perfect to place on a desk, table or shelf. 

Bluetooth speakers are wonderfully convenient, but all too often their sound disappoints. This is especially true of many models below £200, their lack of proper stereo, poor sonic definition and small-scale soundstage leaving music sounding distinctly flat. Wharfedale’s new DS-2 stereo Bluetooth speaker system is an entirely different proposition. It’s based on the now-discontinued DS-1, a similarly diminutive pair of Bluetooth speakers widely acknowledged as the best available under £200 – “petite little desktop speakers that sound fantastic for the money,” said What Hi-Fi? whilst presenting them with an Award in 2015.

Connect up via Bluetooth aptX
They might look like conventional, compact speakers, but these gems are bang up-to-date when it comes to connectivity. Featuring Bluetooth, all you need to do is pair up your smartphone, tablet or computer for effortless, wireless music. Compatible with the superior sounding aptX format, these speakers make the most of Bluetooth, giving a rich, enveloping sound.

Or connect by cable
If you want to connect up an older music source or simply prefer a cable connection, the DS-2’s can cope with that, too. Simply connect your source via its Line Out or headphone socket to the speakers’ 3.5mm input.

Masters of sound
They might be compact, but the Wharfedale DS-2s are genuine, two-way, hi-fi speakers. Using a separate silk dome tweeter and polypropylene woofer unit, these speakers impress with all types of music. This drive unit array ensures not only a detailed and crisp treble response but also a natural and uncompressed mid-range for clear vocals and pin-point accuracy. For an enhanced bass response, bass reflex ports pump up the bottom end. The built-in 30 watt (15 x 2) amp has plenty of power for all but the largest of rooms and leaves most Bluetooth speakers in its wake in terms of volume.

Flexible style
Standing just 19cm tall, the DS-2 speakers are compact enough to fit all types of applications. Ideal for use on your desktop, by your bed or in the kitchen, these are seriously flexible speakers. Despite their petite size, the finish is every bit as slick as you’d expect from Wharfedale. A smooth, gloss black lacquer front contrasts with the leatheroid cabinet for stylish good looks.

Don’t compromise on sound, style or connectivity: the Wharfedale DS-2 has got the lot.

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