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Loewe Klang 5 Wireless Active Speakers in Graphite Grey


Loewe Klang 5 Wireless Active Speakers in Graphite Grey Harmony comes naturally.

Sorry, this product is not longer available.

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Product Details

Loewe  Klang 5 Wireless Active Speakers in Graphite Grey

Harmony comes naturally.
Its resonance-free housing is covered with a seamless woven acoustic fabric which has no visible screws or fixings. The speakers are available in the same two colours as the Loewe bild 7 TV, in Light Grey and Graphite Grey.

For the highest demands.
The acoustic character of the Loewe klang 5 is pure pleasure for the senses. Its five active speakers with 270 Watt output fill the room with near perfect sound. They complement each other superbly in the D'Appolito arrangement, delivering an incredibly natural and authentic sound.

Wireless active speaker
Big Performance. Beautifully Designed.

Wireless Freedon. Wireless Audio.
Loewe klang 5 and klang link - Sound without wires.

Intelligent wireless technology gives you maximum freedom in the set-up of your audio system. The system communicates seamlessly with all DAL-enabled Loewe televisions, coming together to generate powerful stereo sound with the TV soundbar as centre speaker. Opt for a 5.1 configuration to enjoy room-filling surround sound together with the klang 5 subwoofer. To allow wireless transmission, all your television needs is the Loewe klang link box  (Optional Extra).  Once connected, configuration couldn't be simpler. The speakers and your Loewe television detect each other automatically at the touch of a button.

A masterly performance.
Thanks to computer simulations, measurements and the expert sound tests, the sound propagation in the Loewe klang 5 has been perfected to a tee. Waveguide technology helps the Loewe klang 5 deliver the very best sound experience you could wish for.

Technical Information

Principle - active, 3-way closed, D‘Appolito configuration
Power amp - 4 digital amplifiers (class D)
Nominal /music power (sine /max.) - 135 W/270 W
Frequency range - 55 Hz–22 kHz (–3 dB)
Acoustic pressure (Midrange /Peak) - 97 dB/ 106 dB (at a distance of 1 metre)

Speaker complement - 2x 3 inch woofers
                                    - 2x 3 inch bass /midrange speaker
                                    - 1 x 1 inch tweeter
Wireless Digital Audiolink - 5.8 GHz
Digital Audiolink connector - yes / in / out
Cinch connection (Line in) - yes
Signal detection - yes
Sound optimization - speaker position adjustable
Gain adjustment - yes
Digital Audiolink cable - yes

Mains voltages - 220–240 V, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption “ON”1 (in W) / stand-by mode - 170 /< 0.5
Weight (approx.) in kg - 11.5