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Loewe Klang 9 Wireless Active Speakers in Amber Gold


Loewe Klang 9 Wireless Active Speakers in Amber Gold Beauty Objectified.

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Product Details

Loewe  Klang 9 Wireless Active Speakers in Amber Gold

Beauty Objectified.
Loewe klang 9 
Design: Bodo Sperlein

Surprisingly different.
A character piece. High-tech with a hint of glamour yet wonderfully minimalist and understated. The low-resonance cabinet with high-quality solid stainless steel stand in Graphite Grey or Amber Gold perfectly complements the Loewe bild 9 TV. Flawless acoustics are a given and with each speaker covered in a special seamless acoustic fabric developed specially for Loewe, the speakers have a particularly warm and homely feel.
Powerful sound.
The concept of a 3-way active speaker and four digital amplifiers with a maxium output of 310 watts (155W sine) provide an impressive listening experience. Loewe klang 9 speakers combine the technology of a column speaker with a fully-fledged subwoofer in one device. The head acoustician at Loewe, Alfred Hassaoui, who plays more than eight instruments from the soprano saxophone through to the piano to the tenor horn, has elevated the timbre to new heights – basses vibrating in your stomach, powerful mid-tones and the finest treble nuances. The result: a powerful, wonderfully authentic, multi-faceted sound.
Combining design and technology.
Bodo Sperlein, Loewe's London-based Creative Director, has come up with an extremely understated and elegant look for the Loewe bild 9 and klang 9, making them irresistibly unique. The design is sophisticated and individual. The striking solid aluminium fins at the back act as a perfect integrated heat sink, contributing to the consistent and stable overall performance of the speakers. The high-quality finish on the matt Amber Gold or elegant Graphite Grey surfaces delivers a luxurious and unmatched level of sophistication.
Intelligent wireless technology.
Digital Audiolink-enabled Loewe televisions allow the creation of an integrated wireless system in which the klang 9 speakers are detected and connected automatically at the touch of a button. On the technical side, the speakers harmonise perfectly with the new Loewe bild 9 TV soundbar in the role of centre speaker. The speakers can be placed flexibly within the room taking account of different space configurations. Whether wall-mounted, placed in a corner or free-standing, they deliver the same perfect sound experience.

The aesthetics and sound of the klang 9 speakers, perfectly complement the Loewe bild 9 TV while creating a relaxed and homely feel.

Technical Information

Principle - active, 3-way closed, D‘Appolito configuration
Power amp - 4 digital amplifiers (class D)
Nominal /music power (sine /max.) - 155 W/310 W
Frequency range - 35 Hz–22 kHz (–3 dB)
Acoustic pressure (Midrange /Peak) - 107 dB/ 106 dB (at a distance of 1 metre)

Speaker complement - 1 x6 inch woofers
                                    - 2x6 inch woofers (passive)
                                    - 2x3 inch midrange speaker
                                    - 1 x 1 inch tweeter
Wireless Digital Audiolink - 5.8 GHz
Digital Audiolink connector - yes / in / out
Cinch connection (Line in) - yes
Signal detection - yes
Sound optimization - speaker position adjustable
Gain adjustment - yes
Digital Audiolink cable - yes

Mains voltages - 220–240 V, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption “ON”1  (in W) / stand-by mode - 190 /< 0.5
Weight (approx.) in kg - 15.0