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Bose SoundLink Micro Bluetooth Speaker Black


Bose® SoundLink Micro Bluetooth® Speaker in Black No matter the activity you're doing - it will always be better with music.

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Bose® SoundLink Micro Bluetooth® Speaker in Black
No matter the activity you're doing - it will always be better with music. Bose have created this speaker so that can keep up with your lifestyle. Hiking, Cleaning or Hanging out? Whatever you do, bring the micro speaker with you. Yes, this is small but don't excpect small sound as this provides you with unchallenged sound for its size. It is tough, waterproof and also features a tear-resistant silicone strap so there is no excuse to leave it behind. But when the speaker is this good, why would you want to?

We put more in. You get more out.
We wanted to provide you with the best possible sound quality for this speakers' size, to do this we planned out every detail which includes the custom-designed transducer all the way to the silicone passive radiators. You cannot make a speaker perform like this one if you don't put time and effort into it.
All the places you’ll go
With its tear-resistant silicone strap, simply strap it to... well anything, and have the reassurance that it won't fall off no matter how many times you've used it. Going biking? Strap it to your handlebar. Climbing? Backpack strap. Strap it to anything and you're good to go.
Stands up to Water from the Inside Out
With the SoundLink speakers, the fear of dropping it in water goes away. We have designed these speakers to perform the first time you get it wet, and every other time after that. Using the IPX7 rating as a starting point, we propelled ourselves further into waterproof technology. It can fall into the bath, the pool, or the ocean. Pick it up and hit play. 
Materials matter
We're only human, and accidents do happen, but you shouldn't be punished for when they do. That's why we thought the outside of the SoundLink Micro should be made out of silicone rubber. This high quality material lets us get rid of as many seams and gaps as possible, not only that but it can stand up to dents, scratches and cracks. 

Bose Connect app
When you download the Bose Connect app, you can control your SoundLink Micro speaker's Bluetooth connections. If you have that friend who obsesses over controlling the music, simply switch devices though the app and let them go wild. In addition to this, you can use the app to connect another SoundLink Micro speaker in Party Mode, to make the music even louder! If that doesn't suit your fancy, you can try out Stereo Mode where instruments and vocals naturally separate, breathing new life into your favourite tunes.
Our speaker gives you music that is deep, rich and full of life. You can play music on the SoundLink for up to 6 hours, while still getting a booming bass.
SIRI & Google Voice Commands
Don't worry if you don't have your phone to hand. Simply hold down the multi-function button to get access to the voice input for your phone's Siri or you Google Assistant right from the speaker.
No one likes speaker phone. They can't hear you, you can't hear them and it's just annoying. However, now when using the SoundLink Micro, you can receive calls right through the speaker, so you can actually hear what they're saying without it being muffled or distorted.
Voice Prompts
Voice prompts uses Bluetooth pairing to talk to you. You can connect two devices if you want, and the speaker also remembers the eight most recent connected devices.
The SoundLink Micro has been built to withstand water, from the inside out. By using silicone as the exterior material to create a seal around the technology inside, water cannot damage these speakers in any way.


Speaker: 9.83 cm H x 9.83 cm W x 3.48 cm D (290.3 g)

Inputs and outputs
Micro-B USB port

Additional details
Wireless range up to 9 m (30 ft)
Battery life up to 6 hours

SoundLink Micro Bluetooth speaker
USB charging cable

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