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Wharfedale Vista 200s Soundbar with Subwoofer in Black


Wharfedale Vista 200s Soundbar with Subwoofer in Black The Vista 200S bundles the same Vista 200 soundbar with a compact, slimline active subwoofer.

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Wharfedale Vista 200s Soundbar with Subwoofer in Black
The  Vista  200S   bundles  the  same  Vista  200  soundbar  with  a  compact,  slimline  active  subwoofer.  Measuring  90x7x9.5cm  (WxHxD),  it  packs  in  a  165mm  driver  and  60W  amplification,  delivering  deep,  punchy  bass  to  augment  the  soundbar  and  ensure  an  even  more  powerful,  room-filling  performance.  The  subwoofer  connects  to  the  soundbar  wirelessly,  so  no  trailing  cables  to  worry  about,  and  bass  levels  can  be  adjusted  via  the  supplied  remote  control.

The Vista 200 delivers a significant sonic upgrade despite its low-profile design and thoroughly modest price tag. Just 90cm in length and only 6.2cm high, its long and slender form sits unobtrusively beneath the screen without spoiling even the most stylish TV aesthetic. Placed on a TV stand or mounted on a wall, its smart, gloss-black finish always looks the part.
Nestling behind the metal speaker grille is a pair of high-quality dynamic driver assemblies, positioned at either end of the soundbar’s length to ensure spacious stereo sound and augmented by two reflex ports to aid bass response. These drivers are powered by 2x30W stereo amplification, producing a sound that is crisply detailed yet tonally rich – a powerful, highly intelligible delivery that ensures voices are clear, sound effects are impactful, and music is full-bodied and engaging. In addition, three equaliser settings labelled ‘Movie’, ‘Music’ and ‘News’ provide a degree of sonic tailoring to suit whatever the user is watching or listening to.
Connecting the Vista 200 to a TV is simple. There are three digital inputs: HDMI (ARC), optical and coaxial. There is also a 3.5mm analogue input, which means you can connect a TV (or an audio device) via an RCA or headphone output.
The Vista 200 also has Bluetooth built-in, enabling users to pair devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops and benefit from the soundbar’s rich, room-filling sound when streaming music or watching video content.