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Pioneer XDP30RB Audio Player


Pioneer XDP30RB Audio Player Compact High-resolution audio player with 2,4 inch touchscreen, ESS SABRE DACs with separate channels, symmetrical audio output, Bluetooth, WiFi and thumb optimized controls Change Your Sound.

Sorry, this product is not longer available.

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Pioneer XDP30RB Audio Player

Compact High-resolution audio player with 2,4 inch touchscreen, ESS SABRE DACs with separate channels, symmetrical audio output, Bluetooth, WiFi and thumb optimized controls
Change Your Sound. Change Your Life.
Be at a gig when you’re on the train. Float into space without leaving your desk. Buy the XDP-30R, jack in your headphones, and you can get inside the sound. Immersing you more thoroughly than many big-dollar stereos, the compact XDP-30R unveils astonishing layers of detail in music, opening up the soundstage, improving instrument separation, and propelling rhythm with irresistible energy. Hear your favorite songs as if for the first time, and get fresh insight on the music you love. Huge storage and a slick interface make this a  practical player. There’s Wi-Fi® for on-demand streaming, and twin SABRE DACs and amps offer balanced output. The XDP-30R will satisfy the audiophile, yet it’s also ideal for those curious to hear just how good their headphones can sound.
Whether you’re dipping a toe into Hi-Res Audio, or a veteran user, expect flawless playback of any format. The XDP-30R supports DSD 5.6 MHz decoding; plays FLAC, WAV, ALAC, and AIFF at up to 192 kHz/32-bit; and is compatible with MQA following a future firmware update. Selectable Hi-bit Upsampling converts lower-resolution files to 192 kHz/32-bit for a near-native Hi-Res Audio experience. Lossless audio is expressed fluently, and the player is sympathetic to compressed audio. Add TIDAL and TuneIn (other services to follow), and your musical horizons expand even further.
Among the best-performing digital-to-analog converters available, the SABRE ES9018C2M is deployed in twin configuration with twin SABRE ESS9601K amplifiers. Served by dedicated capacitors, each channel is symmetrical to equalize signal paths. The design leads to transparent reproduction and yields extraordinary levels of detail on a spacious soundstage. Be drawn into the music; sense each instrument around you in three- dimensional space.
Formerly the domain of desktop headphone setups, balanced output is set free by a 2.5 mm (3/32??) 4-pole jack. You can choose BTL, which boosts driving power, or ACG, a stable mode that results in taut and clearly defined low-frequency sound. ACG enhances overall clarity and spatial dimensionality. Balanced output eliminates crosstalk and improves stereo separation. 
Clocking mechanisms synchronize the timing of data flowing between devices. The better the clock, the better the sound. The XDP-30R has two clocks; one detects 44.1 kHz signals, scaling to 88.2 kHz/176.4 kHz, and the second handles 48 kHz signals and upsamples to a maximum 192 kHz. Detection is automatic. The result is pure, jitter-free sound.
Control the XDP-30R with your smartphone. The free Pioneer DuoRemote app uses Bluetooth low energy to tether smartphone to DAP, so you don’t have to juggle devices on crowded public transport. Keep the DAP in your bag or pocket and use your phone to control volume and perform playback operations such as play/pause, skip, scan, shuffle, and repeat. The app is also great for entering Wi-Fi passwords or making playlists using a smart keyboard that  supports multiple languages baked into the player’s GUI. (Note: Mobile devices require Bluetooth low energy (LE) support. Please check App Store or Google Play™ for device and OS requirements.)
Pioneer - dominant when it comes to intuitive, beautifully presented interfaces for audio-video components - pulls out all stops with an original touch design operable with a thumb. Emphasis is placed on responsive navigation of music libraries, without unnecessary clutter, that’s friendly to the fattest fingers.
Built-in 5 GHz/2.4 GHz Wi-Fi lets you stream uninterrupted, with fewer dropouts and less glitches. On the output side, Bluetooth is an easy way to beam your collection to a car stereo or hi-fi system. Both headphone jacks serve as line outputs, one for unbalanced connections, one balanced for compatible gear.
Twin Premium-grade SABRE (ES9018C2M) DACs
Twin SABRE (ES9601K) High-Output Amplifiers
Symmetrical Channel Layout
Powerful 32-bit DSP
Bridge-Tied Load (BTL) and Active Control Ground (ACG)
Balanced Audio Output via 2.5 mm (3/32??) Headphone/Balanced Line Output
176.4 kHz/32-bit and 192 kHz/32-bit Upsampling Modes
Two Precision Clocks (44.1 kHz or 48 kHz) for Enhanced Signal Clarity
Seven-step Lock Range Adjustment (Wide/Normal/Narrow)
Three Selectable Digital Output Filters (Sharp/Short/Slow)
Precision 10-band EQ with 6 Presets and 3 Customizable Presets
Adjustable Gain (Low/Normal/High) to suit Different Headphones
DSD (5.6 MHz/2.8 MHz), DSD-IFF, FLAC, ALAC, WAV, AIFF, MP3, and AAC (Maximum 192 kHz/32-bit)
MQA Support with Future Firmware Update
Output Power: 75 mW + 75 mW (Unbalanced, 32 Ohms) 150 mW + 150 mW (BTL Mode, 32 Ohms)
Frequency Response: 20 Hz–80,000 Hz
Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.006%
Signal-to-Noise Ratio: More than 115 dB
Supported Headphone Impedance: 16–300 Ohms Unbalanced, 32–600 Ohms (BTL Mode)
Built-in Dual-band 5 GHz/2.4 GHz Wi-Fi® (802.11)
Bluetooth® Wireless Audio Streaming (Profile: A2DP/AVRCP, Codec: SBC)
Includes TIDAL and TuneIn On-Demand Streaming Services
Tough, Scratch-resistant 2.4-inch 320 x 240-pixel Touchscreen
16 GB of Internal Memory Storage (Expandable to 416 GB)
Original User Interface for Intuitive Operation
Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery for Up to 15-hour Playback Time
Large, Finger-friendly Knurled Volume Control
Side Buttons for Play/Pause, Skip/Scan
Control Playback from Smartphone with Pioneer DuoRemote App
Displays Album Artwork
Easy-to-Navigate Music Player Interface
Sort By Album, Artist, Genre, and More
Playlist Creation, Shuffle, and Repeat Functions
Approximate Playback Time: 15 hours (32 Ohms, 96 kHz/24-bit Audio File)
3.5 mm (1/8?? ) 3-pole Headphone Output with Line Output Function
2.5 mm (3/32?? ) 4-pole Balanced Headphone Output with Balanced Line Output Function
Micro USB Input for Battery Charging and Data Transfer via Windows® PC with Pioneer X-DAP Link Software
Two micro SD Card Slots Supporting Up to 400 GB Total Capacity
Dimensions (W x H x D): 63 x 94 x 15 mm
Weight: 120 g
Micro USB to USB Type-A Cable
Protective Film for Screen