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Tassimo BOSCH SUNY TAS3203GB Coffee Machine Red Red


Wake up to freshly brewed coffee every morning with the TASSIMO SUNY TAS3203GB Coffee Machine.

Sorry, this product is not longer available.

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Product Details

Wake up to freshly brewed coffee every morning with the TASSIMO SUNY TAS3203GB Coffee Machine.

Fully automatic

With one button operation, the SUNY is quick and easy to use, perfect when you're still waking up in the morning. Simply insert a T DISC pod, push the button and create a delicious hot cup of coffee. Each T DISC has barcode which contains information about brewing time and the precise temperature needed for the perfect brew, so that you can enjoy a variety of drinks.

Thanks to Bosch's Intellibrew technology, your SUNY ensures you enjoy the perfect coffee in every sip. A removable cup stand makes it easy to prepare your favourite drinks at any time of day.

Quick heat up

Featuring an innovative flow-through heater, the Tassimo coffee machine heats up in no time at all, so you can prepare hot drinks almost immediately after switching it on. You don't have to reheat water between drinks either - ideal for making coffee for the whole family.

Auto cleaning

When you buy your SUNY you'll also receive the T DISC service, which gives you a barcode required to clean the brewing system and start the automatic descaling program. Your machine will let you know when it needs to be descaled and save you the hassle.

What's more, the SUNY's Auto Off automatically puts the machine into standby mode after every brew cycle, to save energy.

Flexible cup stand

Suitable for a variety of different cups, the SUNY cup stand can be adjusted or removed completely for total flexibility. Prepare your drinks in glasses and cups or your favourite mug.

Compact and convenient, the TASSIMO SUNY TAS3203GB Coffee Machine uses a variety of coffee pods so you can discover your perfect cup.