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Samsung QE82Q70R


Samsung QE82Q70 Series Q70 The Samsung QE82Q70RATX delivers bold contrast and life-like images no matter if it's sunny or dark; it will transform non 4K films into impressively sharp 4K quality and your TV can also suggest what you could watch next.

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Samsung QE82Q70 Series Q70

The Samsung QE82Q70RATX delivers bold contrast and life-like images no matter if it's sunny or dark; it will transform non 4K films into impressively sharp 4K quality and your TV can also suggest what you could watch next.

The Samsung QE82Q70RA uses Full Array Backlight technology which shows even the smallest details on your screen. It controls each individual light unit individually; and lets you see the darker images darker and the lighter images much lighter. The LED's in this TV are directly behind the screen instead of to the side which allows them to be switched off more specifically which makes the dark parts of the screen completely black letting you see more detail. All of this gives stunning images on your new TV screen.

The Quantum Processor 4K helps to make the image you see on the screen stand out even more. The processor will analyse the TV images faster than ever before due to it being more powerful than previous generations. It will deliver faster Smart features and it will also adjust the ambient light to ensure the picture is the highest quality possible and it is even able to tune the sound that comes out of the TV to ensure that you get the best image quality aswell as the best sound quality too.

With Quantum HDR 1000 you get a whole new level of clarity, it shows the sun in its full glory and also shows the tiny details in the darkest of shades. It brings scenes to life and all from the comfort of your own sofa, delivering the best viewing experience.

Colour Volume 100% delivers perfect colours which help deliver an even more beautiful viewing experience. Light is converted into colour meaning that more than a billion colours become visible and this TV reaches a colour volume of 100%.

The QE82Q70RATX doesn't just look good when it is being used, it also now looks just as good when switched off. Sometimes TV's can be an eyesore when turned off but thanks to the Ambient Mode on this TV it isn't. It can blend in with its surroundings just by you simply selecting Ambient Mode, you also have the choice of 3 functions to place the TV in, decor, info and photo. Thanks to the built-in ambient light sensor, the image will adjust itself from clear to soft making sure it blends into the background effortlessly. Using either Samsung Cloud or your mobile device you can display all of your photos on your TV or you can set your TV so it displays information such as the weather or news.

You can now control your TV with your voice, you can ask your TV to start Netflix, or ask it to search your content or apps in the App Store. You can even control all of your Smart Home devices which are compatible with Google Assistant. So ask your TV to dim your lights or get it to set your thermostat, all without leaving your sofa.

Thanks to Content discovery you will spend less time searching and more time watching, it offers suggestions which match your tastes and recommends shows that your TV thinks you will like.

The Samsung QE82Q70 is perfect for anyone who loves a good gaming session, it not only offers a wide range of games that can be played on your television but it also makes your gaming experience one to remember. The Real Game Enhancer technology delivers even smoother sound and also incredibly smooth images than previous TV's meaning it delivers incredibly life-like images whilst you are gaming. It also offers dynamic sound which adds to the gaming experience.

The Wide Viewing Angle ensures every seat is the perfect seat for watching TV. It guarantees the same viewing experience whether you are sitting directly in front of the TV or sitting at an angle. There is also Adaptive sound technology which will make every sound perfect for anything you are watching, this helps you feel like you are actually in the middle of the action scene you are watching. It also delivers perfect sound no matter where you are sitting so is brilliant paired with the Wide Viewing Angle.

There is nothing worse than the sight of messy cables coming from behind a TV, this is no longer an issue with the clean cable solution which allows you to hide all of your cables from sight. The Boundless design of this TV means you can place it anywhere you want, no matter where you decide to put it, it will look incredible. It is streamlined and beautifully finished so it will stand out whether it is wall mounted or standing on a unit.

The intuitive remote that comes with the Q70R has been designed for ultimate ease of use. You can control all connected devices with just the one single remote control. The Remote also features a built in microphone which lets you control your TV using your voice.

Thanks to the Smart Hub you can effortlessly find all of your content and connected devices in one place, which makes using your TV even easier to use than it already is. The easy Set-up will automatically login into your accounts with ease and you can also effortlessly connect your smartphone.

Samsung TV Plus gives you instant access to a variety of 4K UHD movies and content, making this TV perfect for all of the family. So why not put your feet up and watch some of the latest blockbusters at home with the family.

Thanks to the Screen burn warranty you are guaranteed to be enjoying all of the incredibly clear, bright and vivid images for years to come. The QE82Q70RATX can recognise songs that are playing in the background and then allows you to listen to them. Thanks to the Twin Tuners and also the Pause Live TV Functionality, you are able to watch TV the way you want to watch it, so if you need to go and put dinner in the oven then simply pause live TV and come back and hit play to carry on watching it where you left off.