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NeffN50 KI5852FF0G Integrated 261 Litre 5050 Low Frost Fridge Freezer

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. This built-in combination refrigerator/freezer is the perfect place to store fruit and vegetables with very low energy consumption.. Reduced frost in the freezer with Low FrostTake the frost out of freezing With Low Frost you hardly ever have to defrost your freezer. But when you do it's much quicker than before. So you get to dedicate more time to tossing salads roasting game and whipping up souffls. More good news LowFrost protects your food from frost uses less energy and is nearly silent.. Lower the temperature temporarily with Super FreezeYou want to freeze a new tasty perk? Go ahead and lower the temperature in your freezer to prevent your already frozen goods from warming up just by being in the same drawer. Super Freeze lowers the temperature temporarily before switching back automatically. Simply activate Super Freeze.. Store your fruit and vegetables safely Fresh SafeWhere is the coolest place to stick around? Located in the coldest part of the fridge the dedicated transparent drawer protects fruit and vegetables. Assuming you don't succumb to temptation and eat them all at once.. An abundance of storage space with our Big BoxYour freezer is prepared for the upcoming adventures you have in mind store large and unhandy items in our Big Box the extra-large drawer that's waiting for the next challenge. Your smaller goodies are sitting safe and sound in the upper drawers while your large treasures are well-stored in the Big Box. Enjoy the abundance of storage space for bountiful dining in the future.. Safety GlassThe more the merrier we love this passionate approach to life and to food. Our safety-glass shelves gladly bear more than enough delicacies for your family friends and guests.. Bright light in the entire fridge with LED LightingOne says that the right light is the finest interior. This holds true for your fridge as well. Long-lasting flat LED-Lights spread bright light from top to bottom. The advantage is not only that you actually see your goodies well you also save energy because LED-Lights don't heat up.. Key Features . . FreshSafe Stores your fruit and vegetables safely. . LowFrost Reduces frost in the freezer compartment for faster defrosting. . Neff's safety glass shelves happily shoulder generous loads of delicacies in your fridge. . BigBox An abundance of storage space even for large and bulky items. . LED Lighting Bright light in the entire fridge with long-life LEDs. . 259 Litres of usable space 157 litres in the fridge and 102 litres in the freezer. . 50/50 Split with reversible door hinges so you can position the fridge freezer wherever you like. . 2 year warranty for peace of mind. . Dimensions (mm) H1772 x W541 x D545. . 4 Fridge shelves 1 fruit and veg drawer 4 freezer drawers. .

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